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top 10 reasons why to choose digital marketing as a career

Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career: Digital Marketing is a great career-oriented course. No one can imagine an organization or another type of business flourish without taking help of Digital Marketing.


top 10 reasons to choose digital marketing as a career

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing is yet in its budding level in India. It hasn’t even been a decade since the field has developed into a full-fledged profession. That’s the reason why there may be a large number of scopes for the same in India.

As of now, we don’t have any college or school courses for digital marketing. In this scenario, a Digital Marketing professional can get a lot of liberty and versatility in terms of the work.

scope of digital marketing


Following are the top 10 reasons why to choose Digital Marketing as a career.

Excessive demand of Digital Marketing professionals

Digital advertising professionals are excessive in demand

There are two reasons, first

  • It is rising
  • It has no longer produced enough professionals to satisfy the demand verticals require Digital Marketing strategies.

 Experts say there will be approx 1.5 lakh Digital Marketing job openings in 2020. Therefore it is probably fruitful to step into your profession.

Open for applicants from all backgrounds

Applicants from all streams can be the part of Digital Marketing anytime throughout their academic journey because it does not require any specific instructional training in contrast to scientific and engineering fields where students have to choose their stream and subjects from the beginning.

Whether you are a MBA or B.Tech passed out or fresher, you’ll be able to try your success in Advertising and marketing.

career in digital marketing


Top paying JOB

As compared to different job Marketplace, Digital Marketing is a high-paying job industry. Career growth is also very good.

In case you are a 3-4 years experienced Digital Marketing professional, you’ll be able to draw a decent salary of Rs.35, 000 to Rs.45, 000 in India. Increment is excellent in this industry.

Freelance Opportunities

In contrast to different industries, Digital Marketing has a large number of opportunities. One can earn as a freelancer Digital Marketer if don’t want to do job and earn handsome amount of money.

In our best Digital Marketing course in Chandigarh, we have now incorporated freelance and bidding course also, where one can earn as a freelancer after learning the course.

So, homemakers or those who have no time to join job, or those who are already doing other activity, can join our course as it will turn out very beneficial for one and all.

Advertise/Monitor your personal business easily

  • In case you have your individual business and wish to promote your business yourself with sufficient amount of budget; then this course will prove to be boon for you. You can learn the Digital Marketing course and apply the same knowledge for promoting your business through online process.
  • Moreover, you can also assign this task to any company. In this case also, you’ll be no longer in loss because you yourself know how Digital Marketing works, how much will it cost. So no Digital Marketing company can cheat you.

High Growth

The growth rate of Digital Marketing in India is increasing year by year. 24%-37% growth rate will be expected in 2020–2021. Business companies are seeking increasingly Digital Marketing professional. That is why; the career growth of Digital Marketing is bright.

Stay ahead along with your competitors

There might be few companies or businesses which would be doing excellent with offline marketing. However wiser are those companies which have already adopted Digital marketing.

Though Digital Marketing is very cost effective, businesses are increasing towards these new technologies rather than spending large amount of money on traditional marketing like banners, hoardings and TV commercials etc.

You don’t need to work full-time.

In case you are a student or an entrepreneur or any individual else who cannot work full-time however needs to earn some good money, you can simply opt for digital marketing.

All the companies don’t want to hire full-time Digital Marketing employees. A few of them are even looking for freelancers who can work part-time.

Thus, you don’t need to give up what you might be recently doing. Just organize your time table to seek out some time for Digital Marketing and you are accomplished.

It’s a leading edge and interesting activity.

Along with an excellent pay and endless job opportunities, with digital marketing, you also get a very interesting job.

Professionals in this industry are all the time required to work with innovation and creativity.

Apart from certain technical aspects, there are no regulations in digital marketing. You are set free to experiment.

Get your profession started without any assistance.

Conventionally, getting a good job requires a lot of support. You just want a right college that could help you with the placements. But when it comes to digital marketing, there are not any such pre-requisites.

You’ll simply discover a high quality job by yourself. All you want is proper training and a creative mind for kick starting your career.

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