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Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

As the technology is changing at a rapid pace, following given are the latest trends in digital marketing which we will see 2020!

At this level, the digital marketing landscape has been disrupted so much what was effective just a few years in the past is now old hat.

Posting content to social media was once all you needed to grow a following. These days, buyer interactions come at a top rate. In the event you aren’t wowing your consumers with customized content material or beginning an actual dialog with them, you’re falling at the back of the curve.

While some companies are at the cusp of the newest advertising trends, many others are nonetheless taking part in catch-up to what was sizzling a couple of years ago.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is shaping the entire world in an innovative approach and digital marketing isn’t an exception of it.

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Google is also offering 30% of its searches on the basis of AI type algorithms. Despite the fact that, those algorithms work after traditional ranking factors, but it surely holds the great importance in making improvements to the search engine results.

Using AI will not just enhance the Google rating, but give you a strong edge over the competition.

Customer-Centric Marketing

Nowadays, each on-line and offline entrepreneurs want to broaden a customer-centric state of mind to truly offer what the potential customers are actually in search of.

Understanding consumer behaviors, their latest demands, expectations, and purchasing strategies through social media feeds, historical transaction data, and gross sales volume, you’ll be able to determine the proven digital marketing strategies.


Like earlier years, chatbots will continue to be an imperative side of digital marketing because of its significant benefits.

Digital Marketing Trends

Nowadays, greater than 1.5 billion persons are using chatbots to engage in a real-time. That’s a reason why; over 75% of the entrepreneurs today use chatbots and can proceed to make use of it throughout.

Visual Search

Visual search has become widely popular among customers for buying more specific results in their search, with wonderful experience.

Google Image Search

Google Lens (Google’s visual search engine) identifies things, places, and etc visually by the use of camera app.

Like this, there are lots of search mobile apps and social media platforms that let customers to search anything else through simply taking its photograph. Therefore, for enhanced user experience, don’t forget to include visible search to your new digital marketing strategy.

Google AdWords

For the last few years, Google AdWords has been a confirmed digital marketing technique for site owners and on-line entrepreneurs. Similar to content marketing and optimization, Google AdWords stay the latest trend in every year.

Video Marketing

Just like last few years, video marketing will continuously considered as result-oriented digital marketing technique.

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Greater than 72% of companies have received a maximized conversion rate through selling their brand video on social media and different platforms. is world’s one of the most popular and biggest live streaming site on the web.

Over 52% of customers get motivated to buy the product on-line after staring at its video with interactive and bold parts.

These days, there’s a new pattern of reside movies as increasingly other people favor staring at reside streaming on Fb, Instagram, and different platforms.

The usage of reside video (social media technique), is helping do higher trade promotion, succeed in huge target audience, give a boost to buyer family members, and supply enhanced conversion fee.

Voice Search

The rapidly increasing use of easier ‘voice search’ has made it, one of the crucial must-follow trends of digital marketing.

Considering its consistent use, it’s estimated that about 50% of Google searches shall be made thru voice search.

Digital Marketing Trends

It is without doubt one of the latest update through artificial intelligence. In the coming years, there will be so many things that come into use thru voice search so; you need to use this to boost your digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Stories

From Facebook, Snapchat, to Instagram, the fever of stories is in every single place. Its increasing use has making more and more savvy marketers to include social media stories in their digital marketing strategy for brand awareness, user engagement, and increased business presence.

Many of the social media platforms allow stories to appear only for 24 hours. If you want it to reach myriads of audience, add your live and interesting stories on channels that allow their appearance for a long time.

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