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What is voice SMS?

The messages which are sent to their destination using voice medias. These messages are packaged and are sent using the IP address so that it reaches to the marked destination. In technical terms, we can say that it is the process in which we send ‘voice packets’. It is the semi-passive way of communication. The speed at which the message is delivered can make the communication smooth...

Voice message contains your own voice. For example any recorded audio message, it can include m8usic also. Voice messages of cell phones and landline in India only.

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Features of voice SMS:

1.No setup prices

2.All India coverage.

Plan voice campaign

4.No technical skills required

5.Speech option is also available

6.Send voice SMS in resident language

7.The recorded voice in mp3 or mp4 can be uploaded

8.Very helpful for the marketers to promote their business

9.You can view delivery statement for the sent voice SMS

10.You can upload mobile number files according to the requirement

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