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What is AdSense?

AdSense is actually a service or program run by Google. It is a free service provided by Google for publishers. allows the publishers to serve automatic text, images, video or interactive media to the Google Network of content sites. The site content and audience are targeted by Google AdSense. Google Adsense is a advertisements program, which is administered, maintained & sorted by Google AdSense. Google Adsense allows publishers to insert a small HTML code into their own website. The revenue is produced on the basis of per-click or per-impression. ..

Methods to make money with AdSense-:

Allowing texts or images

Place unit above the fold.

Organize custom search ads.

Use the various type of ads units.

Start Google AdSense on YouTube.

Create the Niche website for Google AdSense.

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Methods to make money with blogging?

Set up your blog

Start fining readers.

Build meeting with the reader that come

.Start Marking money from the relationships you have with one or one income streams.


Blogging or Blog Marketing is a process which includes publicizes or advertises a website brand, business or service via the medium of the blog. This is not limited to marketing via ads placed on blogs, viewers or recommendations by the blogger. The promotions are taking place with the help of third-party blogs. In simple words, we can say that blogging is an informational website or discussion published on the World Wide Web consisting discrete Diary style post.