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What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation for business is the generation which includes the interest & query of customer related to the services of a business. It’s all about the production of a system with the help of this you can raise your products efficiently.It is the most important part of the marketing scheme. By using this process, you can identify your potential customers. There are two types of Lead Generation for business:

  • Sales Leads
  • Marketing Leads

Sales Leads-Sales leads are created on the base of demographics conditions. Sales Leads contains FICO scores, income ages, household income, psychographics etc. These leads are resold for multiple advertisements. Sales leads are usually found in the finance lead, insurance lead or mortgage lead. Investor lead is a type of sales lead.

Marketing Leads -Marketing leads are the leads which are created for a particular product or particular brand for unique advertisement. Sales marketing leads are sold only once. Transparency is very necessary for making marketing leads.

Online Lead Generation-Online lead generation is the term of internet marketing. It refers to the production of potential customers. Customers interest or queries into a business about a product or service are solved through the internet. Leads are also known as contacts that are created for the various purpose of list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, loyal programs etc.

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