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What is E-commerce Marketing?

E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce Marketing. E-commerce Marketing works upon the awareness of online product stores and products. In this marketing, we carry electronic systems such as internet and other digital networks. Therefore, E-commerce Marketing is the one of the effective and valuable track to conduct business. There is a number of strategies which you have to keep in your mind while creating eCommerce marketing plan such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

Channels of E-commerce Marketing

PPC(Pay-per-click): Active PPC campaigns drive users with determination to purchase and making it more well-organized as compared to other traditional advertising platforms. On the basis of the pay-per-click business brand for paid listing is on the top of search engine results.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Sometimes SEM is used as synonyms of PPC. It refers to paid advertising campaigns. Google’s AdWords platform and paid platforms on the search engine are defined by SEM like Bing. It is a multitasking term and used by many marketers for all paid and organic efforts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The above media opportunities are paid but SEO dealings come from unpaid “organic” results. These results are displayed on the search engines such as Yahoo & Google. Successful SEO is consisting of best practice product page level, proper content creation, inbound links, social media engagements etc.

Display Advertising: Display advertising consists of Sidebars, banners and other leading graphics advertisements that appear on other websites. Display ads are helped by networks such as Google display network.

Email Marketing: Email marketing used for past and potential customers to target them by Newsletters, abandoned cart notifications and remarketing.

E-commerce Marketing Terms:

CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization):: CRO technique is used to improve the features of the website so that the number of visitors purchases increase. Fast loading, few clicks to purchase products, proper product images or description are the most important steps to make it easy for user’s when they view your products.

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