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What is Bulk SMS?

The definition of bulk SMS messaging is that business or organizations that make use of one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages. Bulk SMS consists of a large number of messages. These messages are delivered to mobile terminals. These messages are used by Enterprises, Banks, Media companies and customer brands for different purposes which include entertainment, mobile marketing, and enterprises. Bulk SMS is a birthright description for application to person SMS messaging services. It is very popular because we can send a large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a fixed group of receivers. Now a day the application-to-person SMS messaging service include the bulk SMS messaging along with the sending of single messages. For example, one-time passwords and delivery notifications, Interactive messages such as group messaging services and income number services such as a mobile campaign or information lines. ..

API (Application Programming Interfaces)::

There are some standards which are followed by Bulk SMS. These applications allow programmers to add SMS functionally to any program:

➽ Email


➽ FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

➽ SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)

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Benefits of Bulk SMS:

Send alert SMS

Send SMS greetings.

Product Launch SMS

Send promotional SMS

Send SMS notifications

.Targeted SMS marketing

Send announcement SMS

Run SMS marketing campaign

Send SMS reminder to your client

Discount code distribution and much more.