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Digital marketing training in Chandigarh

  • Digital marketing is the marketing of services through mobile apps, Desktop apps, display advertising on different platforms and any other digital mediums on the Internet. Digital marketing channels are based on the Internet. Through Digital networks one can create, accelerate, and transmit product value from producer to a consumer terminal.
  • Digital marketing is necessary in any business in any industry. Regardless of what your company sells, digital marketing involves building out buyer persons to identify your audience’s needs and also creating valuable online content. All over the world, marketing is getting dependent on Digital technology for reaching market segments and conducting market research through web analytics.
  • If you want to become a Digital marketer then do best Digital marketing training in Chandigarh. TIDM provides the best Digital marketing training in Chandigarh with practical and live training.


  • TIDM, Chandigarh offers 6 Months/ 3 Months/ 6 weeks Digital marketing training course for B.Tech (All Branches)/ MCA/M.Sc (IT)/ Polytechnic Diploma (All Branches), MBA, BBA, B.Voc and other graduate students. Students are required to get registered and enrolled for Aptitude-cum-Technical Test. Students clearing the exam may get FREE internship for Digital Marketing or Stipend based internship for Digital Marketing depending upon the marks they are getting in this test.
  • Over the years, with its hard work, dedication and commitment, TIDM has become one of the biggest popular names and demanding for quality industrial training in Chandigarh. TIDM has achieved ‘Business Leaders Award’ for best Digital Marketing and Industrial Training Company from Bollywood film stars and Politicians.
  • TIDM provides Advanced Digital Marketing course, which has been designed for business owners, working professionals & job-seekers. This course covers all 40+ modules wherein you learn from our expert industry leaders and trainers.

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh:

Digital marketing course in Chandigarh deals with many modules and topics. Some of the most important modules that you must have to know are defined below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process of optimizing your website to “rank” higher in search engine results pages, also increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic your website receives. 

Digital marketing training in Chandigarh

Ways to approach SEO in order to generate qualified traffic to your website are:

  • On page SEO:

This focuses on all of the content that exists “on the page” when looking at a website. By finding keywords for their search volume and intent (or meaning), you can answer questions for readers and rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) those questions produce.

  • Off page SEO:

This focuses on all of the activity that takes place “off the page” when looking to optimize your website.

  • Technical SEO: This type of SEO focuses the backend of your website, and how your pages are coded. 

Content Marketing

This deals with the creation and promotion of content assets for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers. 

Digital marketing training in chandigarh

This includes:

  • Blog posts:Writing and publishing articles on a company blog helps to demonstrate your industry expertise. This generates organic search traffic for your business.
  • Ebooks and whitepapers:Ebooks and  whitepapers content helps further educate website visitors. For a reader’s contact information, it also allows you to exchange contents.
  • Infographics:Infographics are a form of visual content that helps website visitors visualize a concept you want to help them to learn.

Social Media Marketing

Best digital marketing training in Chandigarh

Through this you can promote your brand and your content on social media channel to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business. You can do social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a way of driving traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. One of the most common types of PPC is Google ads that  allows you to pay for top lists on Google’s search engine results pages at a price “per click” of the links you place. You can use PPC on:

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

  • Paid ads on Facebook
  • Twitter Ads campaigns
  • Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

To communicate with your audiences. Companies and industries use email marketing. Email is used to promote content, discounts, events, also to direct people toward the business’s website.

Digital Marketing Course Benefits:

  • You can discover the Professional in You

The count of digital marketing jobs is growing day by day. Nowadays pursuing a career in digital marketing is wise choice. You can prepare yourselves for a job role which will be in high demand in coming years in many areas.

  • Wide range of Career Options

Digital marketing does not restrict you to only one specific job profile. Even most of the leading companies provide a wide array of job opportunities.

  • Better Salary

By digital marketing course you can get better salary, since the scope of digital marketing is increasing, it will definitely affect the budgets of individuals.

  • Exhibit Creativity

Digital marketing aims are to add life regarding to dormant blogs and websites. Writing effective content requires lots of imagination and innovative ideas.

  • Flexible

Work Timings are flexible. The complete task is dependent on the Internet. Also, there are no worries about the working location and you can even work from your home.

So, don’t think much about this, when you have a great opportunity to join TIDM which provides you the best Digital marketing training in Chandigarh.

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